Hello Flamingo has a new CNC machine!

As the business has grown, we have got a new CNC machine! Exciting times are ahead, as this means we’re able to manufacture more efficiently by keeping production in-house. Watch this space as we’ve got big news in the pipe lines… 


As some of you may already know, Hello Flamingo has recently moved location therefore we have accumulated more room for more machinery. With the arrival of the CNC in house, we’ve now got the capabilities to mill and cut a variety of different materials, see here for what we’ve done for Farfetch recently using the CNC machine.


This is a really brilliant development for us, by having this specialist machinery in-house it allows us to build even more efficiently and quickly. Not only will we be able to use this for our own jobs, but we will be able to provide a service for others! keep your eyes peeled as we will be releasing more info soon.. x

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