Barbour Dog Huts & Flocked Dogs

Since 2016 Barbour created a loyalty scheme for customers and their dogs and now they’ve developed a wide range of coats and accessories to appeal to their furry friends!

With a goal to be more sustainable, we and the Barbour creative team decided to repurpose their Barbour Summer Beach Huts by transforming them into Dog huts to display their new range of pet accessories.

Alongside the new range, we designed and produced a bespoke “Susan the Corgi” (a nod to HRH’s favourite Corgi), “Butch the Bulldog” and “Lily the Spaniel”. Just a few of our favourite British breeds to model Barbour’s new range of dog coats. These were CNC’d on our machine, flocked and assembled by our wonderful prop making team.


5th October 2021


2D, 3D, Barbour, Bespoke, CNC, Dog Accessories, Dog Huts, Flocked Dogs, Harnesses, Hello Flamingo, Leashes, POS, Repurposed



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