Barbour Modern Heritage Collection

All aboard for Barbour’s newest collection! 
A Heritage Collection for Modern Living is how Barbour describe the feel and design of their AW21 collection: Modern Heritage. Nothing quite exudes sophistication and elegance like The Royal Scotsman which is why Barbour have used it as their main focus for their campaign. It works on three levels: it alludes to the exclusivity and luxuriousness nature of the Scotsman itself; the romantic age of train travel and the brand’s Scottish roots.

We were lucky enough to produce these Royal Scotsman inspired carriages for the Barbour stores and pop up versions in the House Of Fraser Department stores in Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, London Oxford Street and Lakeside. The carriages are painted in a deep maroon colour, paying homage to the train’s original paintwork, and is complete with a traditional overhead luggage rack, rounded table and light fixing, alongside brass finishes and edging. We included the plush curtains for the windows and the smooth grey velvet seating to give emphasis to the luxuriousness of the brand, while the window scene graphic of the Scottish countryside perfectly encapsulates the legacy of the high end brand.


15th September 2021



Install Type

In Store