Barbour – Urban Garden

Inspired by the British public’s greater appreciation for the outdoors in recent times, especially those in urban spaces, Barbour’s AW21 collection brilliantly ties in the resilience of Barbour clothing with its ability to center itself as a sought after brand in the modern fashion industry.

To build on this concept, we produced vegetable boxes, growing an array of vegetables while at the same time displaying the collection, and shed structures that give real emphasis to each clothing piece for those in the store.

The contrast between the roughness and sharpness of the wood with the natural green of the plants and the addition of the tin watering cans and other decorative items truly highlights the urban nature of Barbour’s latest collection and was another fun project for us to work on with them!


18th October 2021


Barbour, Floral, garden, Hello Flamingo, nature, plants, urban garden, vegetables, Visual Merchandising, VM



Install Type

In Store