Browns – Christmas

The creative team at, high end boutique, Browns came to us with designs for their Christmas 2017 windows. The fun concept involves everyone’s favourite Christmas gift – socks!

In one window 4 pairs of lady’s mannequin legs, were suspended, crossed legged, from a clean white wall. Each pair of legs had a pair of Vetements socks and a gorgeous pair of evening shoes.

Another window was adorned with festive garlands made from white rope and socks – each sock had a solid template inside to keep its shape.

A giant lightbox/mini theatre was built in another, for a display of sock puppets (supplied by the client). The very stylish puppets were held in place by wooden mannequin hands, sourced by the Hello Flamingo team.

Two giant Christmas trees, made from enormous polystyrene cones, each overlaid with green socks to give the effect of the branches and then wrapped in fairy lights.

A replica stone statue of Il Giovanne, had a window to himself, wearing only a pair of odd socks and a Santa hat. With the lyrics of the Mariah Carey Christmas hit – All I Want for Christmas – applied to the window, as Browns ode to the sock.

In the Browns East store, in Shoreditch, London, had a window dedicated to, and designed by Vetements – the French clothing and footwear design collective. A giant pile of old socks filled the window. Approx. 25 sacks of socks were pinned to a giant polystyrene mound to give the illusion of the pile.

The windows were a pleasure to work on and they looked amazing. We are excited to work with Browns again soon.


19th November 2017



Install Type

Window Display