Floral Street – Christmas 2019


Hello Flamingo, were approached by ‘Floral Street’ to produce their Christmas window display this year.

The brief was to create a window that used Floral Street product, paying extra attention to the perfume of the season- ‘Ylang Ylang Espresso’. We also needed to incorporate the Floral Street baubles which hold miniature perfume bottles inside!
The final window design was a rotating Christmas tree made out of perfume bottles and layers of acrylic. As always, the Floral Street window needs to be a 360-degree display, which is where the rotating tree really came into itself. The tree was lit from underneath (inside a bespoke plinth) which really shone through the bottles creating a glistening effect as they turned. Above the tree sat a neon star which stood out amongst the suspended stars and baubles scattered across the window.
The window is a festive, delicate, twinkling display which really stood out amongst the other stores. Floral Street are definitely bringing the Christmas cheer!



6th November 2019

Install Type

Window Display