Highways England – Distressed

George and Dragon, the London-based advertising agency, came to Hello Flamingo to manufacture the interior of a pop-up store for Highways England, in Shoreditch, London.

The store was part of the Highways England’s ‘Distressed’ campaign, launched in November 2017, which aims to reduce the numbers of young motorcyclists killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads.

Hello Flamingo’s in-house production team built copper clothing rails, a fitting room, cash desk, vinyling and a floating clothing sculpture, which hung from the ceiling above a motorcycle, for the store.

The rails held a clothing range of ‘distressed’/worn/scuffed garments each with a unique price tag – instead of a monetary value, the tag had a list of injuries or hospital treatments that a young rider could face as a result of an accident and more specifically not wearing the correct protective clothing in an accident.

The pop-up had secret cameras filming the space with actors playing the role of store staff and recorded the reaction of customers when the price tags were revealed.

This was an incredibly poignant and important campaign and we were incredibly honoured to have been part of it.


8th November 2017

Install Type

Pop Ups