M.A.C Cosmetics- Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour Launch

M.A.C London’s Carnaby Street store approached us at Hello Flamingo to create a vibrant pink shop entrance for the launch of their new lip product Powder Kiss Liquid Lip colour! 



This September M.A.C makeup approached Hello Flamingo with a scheme for the launch of Powder Kiss Liquid Colour for the front of the Carnaby Street store in London, UK.

The front consisted of a pink vinyl cladding that accentuates the front doorway and two over-sized lip colour bottles either side. These were lovingly handmade by our in-house prop makers, which incorporated poly-carved, fibre glassed and sprayed lids to mimic the new product line.

Overall, we think the design is visually packed with vibrant colours which against the black colour of the building really makes the store stand out and the new product launch some serious eye candy for make-up lovers everywhere.

We had so much fun making these giant bottles and once again LOVE a pink project! x


18th September 2020


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Store Front