Oasis – Make a Splash

Oasis Fashion collaborated with the team at Petra Storrs, a creative design and art direction company, who designed their SS18 campaign, which had the tagline ‘Make a Splash’.

Taking inspiration from their photoshoot, Petra Storrs approached Hello Flamingo to turn their designs in to a reality for the Oasis one-day press event at Nine Adam Street, London.

The Hello Flamingo in-house production team created a number of incredible bespoke props for the event.

A life-sized whales tail, hand carved from polystyrene, was fibre glass coated and covered in a silver holographic fabric, with holographic sequin barnacles. The tail popped out of the floor with a bespoke formed acrylic water splash and matched perfectly to the floor graphic which included an image of the rest of the whale.

A giant anchor, also covered in holographic fabric with sequin barnacles and acrylic splashes, held a prop chain which worked as a rail to showcase garments from the Oasis SS18 collection.

A bar, clad in copper/metal finish housed synchronised swimming mannequin legs!

A bespoke made floating table and parasol gave the impression of cascading pools of water for product to be placed on.

Beautiful little details drew the eye in, including a quirky display of a hand-carved, realistic goldfish escaping from its small fishbowl and taking a leap into a larger bowl. As well as rushing water pouring down doorways – also bespoke acrylic made in-house.

The finish of the space magical, the visitor felt as though they were journeying underwater. We are incredibly proud of the outcome and the clients were extremely happy with our work.


18th January 2018



Install Type

Press Event