Origins – Somerset House

With the launch of the exhibition ‘Mushrooms; The Art, design and Future of Fungi’ at Somerset House, Origins collaborated with their product, ‘Mega Mushroom’ for a pop-up shop and evening event.


Being given an eco conscious brief by the creative team at Origins, we at Hello Flamingo assembled and created three dimensional mushrooms in an array of recyclable materials. Our production team handmade multiple mushrooms, sculpted from paper and card then arranged and layered these to create an enticing display ready for the upcoming exhibition at Somerset house.

The mushrooms were installed against a moss wall to showcase the products with giant hanging mushrooms chandeliers in the Somerset House gift shop.

An evening event showcasing Origins products in the Spring Restaurant featured two giant archways filled with three dimensional mushrooms creating walkways into the venue.

Tiny mushrooms were handmade to dress the tables in the venue.

What a fab project to work on! x


27th January 2020



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