Stella McCartney – Christmas Projects

We were delighted to hear from the creative team from Stella McCartney, who wanted our help on two fun Christmas projects.

The first was for an event in Selfridges department store, London. A Christmas cart supplied by Selfridges was to be given a creative treatment to make it stand out and represent the Stella McCartney brand.

The brief was to make the cart glow, cover it in as many multicoloured fairy lights as we could! The in-house team painted the base of the cart dark green to match the cable of the lights and then got wrapping! Around 30 sets of lights covered the cart.

There was also a high gloss double tiered plinth on the cart to display product and mince pies – yummy!

The second brief was to create giant gift bows to act as heads for children’s mannequins in concession stores around the world, destinations included Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong, as well as the children’s department of Harrods, London.

The bows were for mannequins wearing the ‘exclusive’ Christmas collection.

The bespoke made bows were made, by the in-house Hello Flamingo, from PVC material, coated in a soft gold/champagne coloured vinyl and folded to replicate a Christmas gift bow.

It was such a pleasure working with the Stella McCartney team and we are delighted with the outcome.


3rd November 2017

Install Type

In Store