Ted Baker – Houston

Hello Flamingo were very excited to be asked again by the creative team at Ted Baker to collaborate with them on the in-store props for a new store opening in Houston, TX.

The theme of the store ‘Houston, we have a problem – we have run out of tea!’ was chosen due to the NASA headquarters location in the city.

Taking the designs from Ted Baker, the Hello Flamingo prop making team set to work sourcing retro tea sets and creating the models of liquid without gravity from silicone-moulded resin – with many hours of research watching videos of astronauts in space and other anti-gravity locations.

Each stream of liquid was moulded and cast, the resin coloured to create milk, milky tea and tea without milk. There were also floating biscuits and resin sugar cubes exploding from bowls.

All the elements were strung up from nylon thread and hung from the ceiling to give the illusion of floating in space.

This was such a fun project to work on – we LOVE working with Ted Baker – and the store looks amazing, as always!

As always working with the Ted Baker Store Design team has been great fun!


11th April 2017

Install Type

In Store