Too Faced – Selfridges

Hello Flamingo, were very excited to work with the creative team at Too Faced to manufacture their Future Fantasy window in Selfridges to promote their Too Faced BTS Lash bar.

The Selfridges brief was to give a nod to the old fairy tales, but in a less obvious way. To convey the magic of Christmas but with contemporary storytelling. Too Faced decided on the famous story of the Ugly Duckling. We used a mixture of reflective, iridescent and metallic materials. Mirror walls acted as a backdrop with two-way mirror on the floor with a powder pink ‘You were beautiful all along’ neon sign set below to flash intermittedly.  To look into the mirror from above, we produced a large white swan, flocked with soft pink highlights and giant eyelashes.

Hello Flamingo set about creating a space to showcase the product.  We created an outsized ‘Better than Sex’ mascara factice with mascara brush and white chalky mascara brush reeds. We set this within snow drifts sprinkled with iridescent glitter and outsized glitter rocks, round LED lights on clear sticks and neon stick lights in blue, green and pink to add a futuristic glow.

The result, a dramatic, inspiring window combining contemporary styling with a classic theme all the while showcasing the product.



27th November 2019

Install Type

Window Display

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